Highland Cattle Auction Information and Guidelines:

For the Seller:

$15 per animal when listing your animals on the HHCA website
$30 per animal if non-member of HHCA
8% commission of the selling price to the sale barn
$1 beef check-off to the sale barn
$6 for pregnancy test
$3 processing fee to the sale barn

Consignment payment must be received by HHCA before they will be placed on the Highland Cattle Auction Website. Payment can be made through the HHCA website paypal link or sent in the mail.

Consignments will be for registered, Sovereign, unregistered and crossbred animals. Limit 90 Highlands consigned, looking for 40 or more of registered Highlands

The auction will be held on Saturday, April 22, 2017 at 2:00 P.M. at the Mid Missouri Stockyard off Interstate 44, exit 123, to north service road W/Route 66 west, sale barn on the right side.

Physical address of sale barn is:
17505 Route 66, Phillipsburg, MO 65722

The Mid Missouri Stockyard will accept out of state checks with proper ID. No Credit or Debit cards will be accepted.

Consignments can begin on January 1, 2017 for HHCA members

Consignments for non-members begin after March 1, 2017.

DEADLINE FOR CONSIGNMENT IS April 15th, 2017 unless consignment numbers not yet filled.

First come basis for consignments, if quota not met for registered Highlands by deadline, more unregistered Highlands will be allowed, if quota is met before consignment date, no further consignments will be taken.

Anyone consigning animals and later scratching them from the sale WILL NOT BE REFUNDED THEIR CONSIGNMENT PAYMENT.

Selling Bulls over 2 years old MUST HAVE A TRICH TEST PAPER provided to the sale barn before the animal is unloaded. It may take up to two weeks for results, so be sure to give yourself enought time for test results. Bulls under 2 years old (Virgin bulls) do not need test papers. According to the Sale Barn owner and vet, all animals over 12 months old will need to go through the chute to be given ear tags for origin tracking of animal, and the females will be pregnancy checked. Any Highland under the age of 12 months, heifer or bull does not have to go through the chute. Those bringing highlands across state lines need to see their vet for info on health certificates concerning crossing state lines. To import cattle into Missouri, there is a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection requirement. You may find information for importing animals to Missouri on this website at http://mda.mo.gov/animals/health/speciesentering.php Regulations & Permits For information concerning exporting or importing animals to the purchasers state, you can find information on this website at http://agr.wa.gov/FoodAnimal/AnimalHealth/StateVets.aspz State Veterinarians Directory.

The vet will be available for those people who purchase animals and need health papers for transportation across state lines.

There will not be any "NO SALE" on animals. If the seller feels they are not getting the price they want, you need to buy back and pay commission. A beginning bid may be suggested by the seller to the auctioneer ahead of time. Please contact the auctioneer, or Harold Ramey on the day of the auction as to the price you want for the animal beforehand. All animals will be sold by the head, not the pound, unless specified by the seller that the animal is to be sold by the pound.

Animals may be brought to the sale anytime after noon on Friday, April 21st, but must be there and in a pen no later than 11:00 A.M. Saturday, April 22nd as the sale begins at 2:00PM.

All animals older than 12 months outside of Missouri must have an origin tracking tag, it will take longer to get them all through the chute, so give yourself plenty of time. Also the bidders will have time to view your animals and it will give you time to answer any questions they may have.

If you need to bring your animals the day before the sale, or need to leave them overnight after the sale, you MUST contact Harold Ramey 309.251.5832 for information. You will need to bring water buckets, bedding and hay/food for your animals.

The seller may lead their animal into the auction ring if they are halter trained. Consignments will be sold in the order they are listed on the auction site.

No individual names will be used at the sale, but we will use your farm name, city and state when giving information about your animal in the ring. If when your animal is in the ring and you want to give information about the animal, please let us know ahead of time.

There will be a Highland Auction website available for the seller to place a picture and information about their animals. There will be a $15 fee for each animal consigned if a member of the HHCA. Non-members fee is $30 per animal. If you do not have a farm name, you may use your personal name on the website. Up to 10 animals are allowed to be consigned by each seller/farm.


If you are not a current member of the AHCA and have registered highlanders you intend to sell as registered, AHCA requires signatures of all owners on the certificate who are selling or transferring registered Highland cattle. Transfer fees double to $50 if seller is non-member when AHCA receives the application.

For the Buyer:

Bidding: Register to bid at the auction barn. Phone bidding available, for more information on phone bidding, contact Blake Coble at (918) 652-1411 or email at coblehighlandranch@yahoo.com . Be sure to contact him early to arrange service. Call ahead bidders must have a bank check, or cashiers check made out to HHCA for the highest amount for all animals they want to place a bid for. They must have the cashiers check to HHCA 5 days prior to the sale date. All call ahead bidders must have pre-approved arrangements with somebody attending the sale for their purchased animals after the sale. The money will be handled by the HHCA and paid to the Mid Missouri Stockyard after the sale, and if the animal goes below the bidders maximum bid, the HHCA will send a check back for the remaining amount.

Payment: Cash; In state and out of state checks accepted with proper ID; NO DEBIT OR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED

Delivery: There will be a vet available at the auction for health papers and necessary travel papers after purchase.

Transportation: Call for Info. Brandon Cantu 817.437.7455, Lance R. Gabriel, Grain VAlley, MO 816.847.2802, Email: rockngg@att.net

Buyer can take their Highlands after the auction or make arrangements with the help of HHCA members for delivery or later pickup at the sellers farm or other available holding place. These arranagements must be made prior to the sale.

Other Information:

The HHCA Officers and Board of Directors are providing its members and anyone who owns Highland cattle from other regions to market their Highlands. The HHCA goal is to sell registered, Sovereign, unregistered and crossbred Highlands at the auction. Anyone who is not a member of the HHCA will need to join to consign at the auction. It is just another venue that the HHCA is providing for the promotion of the Highland breed.

The auction will be held on Saturday, April 22nd at 2 PM at the Mid Missouri Stockyard exit 123 off Interstate 44, take North Service Road/Highway W/Route 66 and head west, finding the sale barn on the right side of the road. Animals can be delivered to the sale barn Friday after noon April 21 and all morning until noon on Saturday April 22.

There will be a vet on site to ask questions and have animals checked in before the sale. The vet will be able to give health papers for transportation across state lines after purchase. Remember to have your TRICH tests, health certificates and state transportation paperwork from your vet available with you at time of delivery at the sale barn.

One request I have is after you consign your animal please dont advertise it for sale elsewhere. Each year we have had several cattle scratched from the auction, some only a day or two before the auction. We always have to turn people down on listing animals because we have hit our limit of 90 head only to have some scratched. We have had people come to buy certain animals that were advertised in the auction only to find they were not there. We make every effort to pass on any scratches as soon as possible and correct the site as soon as we know, but some people didnt check the website the last 2-3 days before the sale. Call and talk with me about any questions.

The HHCA will provide an auction website for animals to be showcased on the site. The seller will have to send a picture of the animal with the following information:

For registered Highlands please send: name; date of birth; reg. #; dam, sire, steer, or heifer, open or bred animal and farm name, town and state, and any information you want listed about that animal. Some of this information will also be used to describe your animal when they are brought into the ring.

The same is optional for unregistered Highlands: it is always good to have some info about your animal, especially the age of the animal but we do need your farm name if you want their picture on the website.

This site will be used as the auction sale catalog and available to anyone to view. For the seller to use this website catalog, please send the HHCA $15.00 for HHCA members and $30 for non-members for each consignment at HHCA, 976 State Hwy. 64, Tunas, MO 65764. Your fee for the consignments must be received before your consignments will be posted. The HHCA website has a paypal link to be able to pay or send the payment by check to the HHCA address. The picture and info will need to be sent by email to heartlandhighlandcattle@gmail.com The website will be updated regularly as you send in the pictures and info.

Concerning any questions about the auction, contact the chairperson Harold Ramey at 309.251.5832 or email jannlr51@gmail.com

Please send all pictures for the auction website to the HHCA secretary at heartlandhighlandcattle@gmail.com

Be sure to read over the highland cattle auction information and guidelines as there have been several changes this year. Each year we are learning from our mistakes so changes have been made to improve our auction for both the sellers and the buyers.

Thank you and I hope many of you will be interested in the sale as a seller or buyer. I am looking for many registered, unregistered and crossbred Highlands there. I look forward to meeting everyone I can that day, but things are pretty hectic on sale day. See you there.

Harold Ramey, Auction Chairperson
309.251.5832 Email: jannlr51@gmail.com