Highland Cattle Auction Consignment Information:

Oklahoma Highland Cattle Auction
Sycamore Springs Ranch and Exotic Sale Barn
December 2, 2017  9:00 AM



$15 per animal for HHCA members
$30 per animal if non-member of HHCA
10% commission to sale barn
Regular sale barn fees


The HHCA provides an auction website for animals to be showcased on the site at
www.highlandauction.com  The HHCA also advertises the auction in agricultural publications.


Consignment fees must be received by HHCA before they will be placed on the auction website.  Payment can be made through the HHCA website paypal link, by check in the mail, or credit card. 
Consignments will be for registered, Sovereign, unregistered and crossbred Highland cattle.
The Highland Auction will be held on Saturday, December, 2, 2017 beginning at 9:00 AM at the Sycamore Springs Ranch Inc.


Physical address:
Sycamore Springs Auction Sale Barn
12754 South 442 Rd.
Locust Grove, OK 74352


There will be a Highland Auction website available for the seller to place a picture and information about their animals.  There is a $15 fee for each animal for HHCA members and a $30 fee for non-members.


Consignments will be taken beginning Sept. 1, 2017.  Contact HHCA secretary at heartlandhighlandcattle@gmail.com or phone 417.345.0575 or text at 417.733.3201
with the following information to consign:
Number of animals consigning
Farm Name
Category of animal:  registered, Sovereign, unregistered, or crossbred
Date of Birth
Sex of animals

Any information you want buyers to know of the animals


Animals may be delivered to Sycamore Springs Ranch on Friday, Dec. 1st all day or early on Sat. Dec. 2nd morning before 9:00AM.   There will be time to view animals before the sale
If you need to bring your animals before Friday, please contact Blake Coble at (918)652-1411


There will be a VET available for animals purchased and transported out of state. 
Also VET will do pregnancy checks on cows before the sale or after to verify animal is bred for a fee.
(To eliminate any concerns about your cows being bred, have them pregnancy tested by a Vet before bringing them to the auction and be sure to bring your Vet Certificate to show that she is bred.  Many time's pregnancy verification can bring more money for the animal)




Selling bulls over 2 years old MUST HAVE A TRICK TEST PAPER provided to the sale barn before the animal is unloaded.  Be sure to give yourself enough time to have the test done.
When transporting animals to Oklahoma, have your vet call the Oklahoma Dept. of Agriculture, Health Requirements Governing the Admission of Animals


Anyone consigning animals and later scratching them from the sale WILL NOT BE REFUNDED THEIR CONSIGNMENT PAYMENT


There will not be any "NO SALE" on animals.  If the seller feels they are not getting the price they want, you need to buy back and pay commission.  Please contact the auctioneer or Blake Coble either before the sale or the day of the auction as to the price you want for your animals. 
All animals will be sold by the head, not by the pound, unless the seller specifies beforehand.


The seller may lead their animal into the ring if they are halter trained.


Bring your own bedding, hay and water buckets for the animals in the pen.


SELLER NOTICE:  We ask all our consignors do not advertise your consigned animal or sell your animal before the sale, as each year people see the consignments on the website and attend the sale to find out that the animal they came to purchase has already been sold.  We make every effort to pass on any scratches as soon as possible and correct the site as soon as we know.  But some people don't always check the site.
If an animal is ill and confirmed by a VET paperwork sent to the HHCA beforehand, that scratch will be honored, but the consignment fee will not be refunded as we have advertised your animal.



Bidding:  Register at the auction barn.  Phone bidding is available.
For more info contact Blake Coble at 918.652.1411 or email coblehighlandranch@yahoo.com
Phone bidders must have a bank check or a cashier check or credit card to the HHCA at least five (5) days before the auction.  Remaining funds from a purchase will be returned to bidder.  All phone bidders must have pre-approved arrangements with Blake Coble or Gloria Asmussen for the transportation of their animals after the sale.


Types of Payment:
Sycamore Springs Ranch will accept cash, credit cards, and checks with letter of guarantee.

Delivery:  There will be a vet on site for health papers to transfer your purchased animals across state lines
Transportation:  Call these transporters; Brandon Cantu 817.437.7455; Lance R. Gabriel, Grand Valley, MO
816.847.2802, email rockngg@att.net


Buyer can take their Highlands after the auction or make arrangements with the help of the HHCA members for delivery or later pickup at the sellers farm or other available holding place.  There arrangements must be made prior to the sale.




All registered Highlands must have registration certificate at the sale, the seller is responsible for the transfer fee of $25 to the new owner.  If the seller of the registered animal is no longer a member of the AHCA, then the transfer fee is $50.  All checks for transfer must be made out to AHCA.  All registration paperwork will be conducted at the sale by the HHCA secretary Gloria Asmussen.


If your Highland is eligible for registration, you will have to bring paperwork to have it registered and pay for the registration and transfer.


For more info and questions: contact Gloria at 417.345.0575, text 417.733.3201 or email heartlandhighlandcattle@gmail.com